• 31/07/2013

    The Cannon Group will be present at PU CHINA 2013


The Cannon Group will be present at PU CHINA 2013

Their latest technological developments in the field of Polyurethane and Composites processing will bepresented by a domestic team from the various Cannon Far East’s offices present in China, supported by an international group of specialists:

  • High and Low-Pressure Polyurethanes Mixing Heads & Dosing Units: advanced solutions for general purpose foams up to specialised applications such as filled and reinforced formulations, multi-component and multi-hardness foaming, micro-shots, high-outputs, spray, cavity filling, pipe insulation, gasketing and potting.
  • The new Vacuum-based foaming technology, Cannon V.A.I. (Vacuum Assisted Injection),
  • a major achievement in the field of domestic refrigerators, used in combination with the PASCAL™  PUR chemical system developed by Dow Europe. It is worth mentioning that the first three complete plants using this new technology belong to the two major Chinese manufacturers of domestic refrigerators, Haier and Meiling.
  • The Cannon JL mixing head, whose design significantly innovates the PUR mixing method and brings important operational advantages: a more laminar flow, higher output and no injectors to calibrate and operate. The Cannon JL enhances the foaming performances of several blowing agents currently used in production (hydrocarbons, HFC 245fa, Methyl Formate, Carbon Dioxide, etc.).
  • This mixing head meets the expectations of the world largest manufacturers of domestic refrigerators and already found a place in their most modern production lines.
  • Complete plants for the production of flexible and rigid Slabstock foams, including modern high-pressure mixing solutions, with metering and dispensing equipment for alternative blowing agents.
  • Technologies for the thermal insulation of residential, commercial and industrial buildings: a wide range of proven, reliable, economically and technologically advanced solutions based on discontinuous and continuous methods for the production of insulated boards, sandwich panels, insulated window frames, sectional garage doors and other insulating elements.
  • Solutions for the insulation process of pipes with rigid PU foams: a new, innovative high-pressure mixing and dispensing technique for the production of homogeneous quality foams suitable for both continuous and discontinuous production methods.
  • The range of Cannon solutions dedicated to the Automotive and transportation industries, in particular for flexible seats and car interior parts.
  • Equipment for the production of Composite parts for the road, railway and construction fields.
  • Dedicated solutions for the Eolic industry: the range of Cannon DX machines for low pressure infusion of Epoxy resins, plus several other machines for the power generation industry.
  • he complete range of products designed for ESTRIM, Cannon high pressure injection technology for fast production of moulded Epoxy composite parts: E-System dosing units, LN 7/3 mixing head, dedicated preformers for Glass and Carbon fibre preforms, moulds, large presses and mould carriers, robots and ancillary equipment for the part’s handling. This innovative solution successfully replaces the slow RTM process in the production of large structural and decorative elements for the automotive and the transportation industries.


Visit PU China 2013 in Nanjing , booth #430: You Are Welcome, at Cannon!


  • Cannon @Utech 2018


    Cannon is taking part in Utech Europe 2018, a three-day exhibition and conference for the global polyurethanes industry.

    The Cannon Group will exhibit at Utech Europe 2018 (MECC, Maastricht, Netherlands) from 29th till 31st May, the leading international event for the global polyurethanes industry.

  • Cannon Events @ K 2016


     We will present our innovative technologies for polyurethane, composite and thermoforming manufacturing plants through eight workshops.

  • Cannon @ 2016 Energy Forum in Beijing


    A Sino-Italian Energy Forum focused on district heating technologies has been held in Beijing on April 8, 2016. Organised by a group of Italian multi-utility Companies – IREN, Utilitalia, A2A and Hera – in cooperation with the Chinese District Heating Association (CDHA) and under the patronage of the Italian and the Chinese Ministries of the Environment, the Italian Foreign Minister and the Italian Embassy in Beijing, the Forum conveyed to a panel of Chinese municipal multi-utility companies the Italian state-of-the-art solutions and technologies for the centralised production of heat and its capillary distribution in highly-populated urban areas.

    The Cannon Group’s Companies active in the field of Energy Production were invited to present their latest experiences and achievements in this highly topical theme.

  • Italian Businessman Awarded in Germany


    FSK awards Dr. Marco Volpato

    On September 16, 2015, the FSK (Fachverband Schaumkunststoffe und Polyurethane e.V., the German Industrial Association of Polymeric Foams Producers) has awarded Dr. Marco Volpato, President of the Cannon Group (www.cannon.com), with the Gold Medal of Honor for his merits gained in over 40 years of business activity in the field of Polyurethane and resin foams technology.

  • The Cannon-Sandretto Plastics Collection Re-opens!


    Re-opening of Sandretto Plastics Collection Museum

    Closed for some time for a substantial restoration, the Cannon – Sandretto Plastics Collection re-opened in Pont Canavese, near Turin, Italy on Sunday, June 7, 2015. Hundreds of antique plastic objects are again displayed in seven refurbished rooms.